After an evening of packing gift backs with a tremendous group of motivated and inspired students, we took the gift bags to Mercy Kids Hospital.The staff there was so generous with their time. They helped us get the boxes out of our car and up into the storage room. We set up a beautiful room of toys with a hand drawn banner, a project from the night before. The kids has drawn stars and sunshines and snowmen on the boxes with sweet words like “live your dreams”.

Children began to enter in and inch slowly towards the pile of presents in amazement, their eyes big with wonder. “Are these for me?” “Can I …?” They walked in holding onto their parents or rode on a tricycle trailed by an IV pole. The mood lightened up right away, everyone was playing and drawing and getting their face painted.

Many of the children were unable to come to the party because they were too sick. But that was OK, because little saint nick brought it to them. We had to put on our gloves and gowns and get some presents out to those kids. Once again the staff at Mercy were so helpful guiding us to each room and checking whether anyone was sleeping or unable to see us. As some of these kids awaiting surgery, we spread a little love and cheer around the floor. It was amazing to see so many of you light up when you got your present. Thanks so much and we hope you have a happy holiday season.

Here are some photos of the event.