We never anticipated that so many of you would come out to the volunteer event so graciously organized by Agha and his mom Sharmin. The word that little saint nick is coming into town must have really spread quickly. There were more than 100 volunteers crammed together in a room for 30 minutes drawing on banners and boxes and cards and, of course, packing gift bags. A group like this coming together can really get a lot done in a little time. And these kids were very motivated.

Eventually the workforce spilled out into the next auditorium room where seats were set to listen to Ray speak. There we had a few more tables lined up, processing JediGems and drawing get well cards. Although this group represented more than 6 schools, you would have thought they all knew each other. We all came together to help the kids and it was a great feeling.

Afterwards everyone was shuffled into the auditorium to hear Ray speak about what inspired him. He showed this video from the halo effect and the group asked some very poignant questions. You could tell that they were really thinking about what it must be like to try to run a charity organization while also attending high school. Ray explained that he does is one day at a time and one step at a time. He has really come a long way.