The Little Saint Nick Foundation helps ill children

cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and activities.

The Little St Nick Foundation helps ill children cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and activities. We touch the lives of a sick child all along their journey from the time they arrive at the emergency room, the diagnosis thru their hospital stay. We make emergency room gift bags with a beanie baby, coloring book and crayons for every child who visits the emergency room. We build playrooms and teen lounges in hospitals and provide lap top computers, printers so the kids can E-Mail, do their homework, play computer games and chat with family and friends.

We build mobile entertainment systems that include a flat screen TV, DVD player, video game players and plenty of popular DVD’s and video games. We provide hospitals with hundred of thousands popular toys, books and arts and crafts for all ages. Several times a year we make special visits to a hospital with a sports star or celebrity to create a positive memory of their hospital stay.

We grant wishes, not just to terminally ill children, but any child that needs to take their mind off the pain that they are in.

The Little St Nick Foundation changes the way a child views a hospital by making it a more kid friendly place. We provide the patients with an escape from the doctors, nurses, treatments and doing something fun to keep their mind off their illness.

About Our Founder:

ray-smilingMy passion for helping others started at a very young age. At age 4, I was diagnosed with a rare hip join disease. I was luckily only in the hospital for 8 hours. Today, I have no side effects from the disease. However, the short time I spent in the hospital made a big impact on me. I had nothing to take my mind off of the fear and anxiety that was going on in my head. When I got home from the hospital, I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the other children that didn’t get to leave the hospital. I couldn’t imagine being in the hospital any longer than I was with nothing to do to keep my mind occupied. A few days later, I told my parents that I wanted to do something for those children who had to stay in the hospital. My parents suggested that I could take some of my birthday (which is Christmas Eve) and Christmas gifts and give them to the hospital that I was at. A few days after Christmas, I went to the hospital and donated half of my birthday and Christmas gifts. I left there feeling extremely happy. For me, one toy donation wasn’t enough. I wanted to do more. Then next year, me and my parents went around the neighborhood in my home town of  Lynbrook, New York asking for money donations so that I could go buy toys for the children in the hospital. That winter I donated even more toys with the money we raised. I figured out at the age of six that giving back is truly something I am passionate about. With the help of my parents, I was able to form this life changing organization, The Little Saint Nick Foundation.

I never thought that this could turn out to be as big as it is today. With the help of my parents and numerous volunteers, I have been able to develop many programs over the years. Aside from toy donations to hospitals, I have visited hospitals with celebrities, started an emergency room gift bag program, and granted wishes to people in the community. I also have a golf outing and charity dinner every fall. This year was our 10th Annual Little Saint Nick Foundation Golf Outing and Charity Dinner and it was bigger and better than ever.

I have learned two key life lessons from this experience. 1: Your life can always be worse than it is; be grateful. 2: Everyone has the ability to make a difference in this world.

I see a vision for this organization that I didn’t see when I started it. Impacting the lives of other people has changed my perception on life. One of the best experiences of my life was when I had the privilege to share my store with the entire world. I was featured on a documentary television show called “The HALO Effect” on Nickelodeon, which aired in March of 2016. This show was designed to have youths like myself inspire children to help others. With the feed back I got from the show from people all over the world who want to help, I decided I want to inspire others around the country and world to help others. I want to create a movement that will inspire others to get a whole new perspective on life, as well as continuing to help others myself. I have accomplished a lot in the past 13 years. I am extremely proud of what I have done and I look forward to continuing to inspiring and helping others.