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The Fun Non-Profit Executives of LSNF & LSNF Canada

Raymond Mohler Jr.’s (Ray) giving passion and birthday on Christmas Eve has lead to an international movement of giving back all year long. Over the past 19 years, Ray has become a well-respected youth philanthropist. Ray grew up in Lynbrook, NY where the Little Saint Nick Foundation (LSNF) was founded when Ray was just six years old after a brief yet scary hospital experience at age four. Ray and LSNF have developed many anxiety-relief programs in conjunction with pediatric hospitals and has successfully changed how kids experience their hospital visits, serving over two million kids and counting.

Ray has had the honor while growing up of being named a Prudential Spirit of Community National Honoree, Featured on Nickelodeon’s the H.A.L.O Effect, and ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Ray graduated from the University of Tampa in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, while also being named the Dr. Alan Weimer Entrepreneurship Student of the Year. In 2023, Ray was honored at the University of Tampa Alumni Awards as Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Ray’s goal is to scale the LSNF mission to all 50 states and internationally while maintaining that local feel of kids helping kids.

Why Ray Joined LSNF: “It is my life’s purpose to carry out the mission of this organization since I was five years old.”

Raymond Mohler Jr.

Founder, Chairman & CEO: "Little Saint Nick"

Zack works closely with “Little Saint Nick” and all team members to ensure the organization fulfills it’s mission of “kids inspiring and helping kids”. Oversees all operations of LSNF and LSNF Canada including volunteer initiatives, healthcare and corporate partnerships, and growth in all regions. Born in Waterloo, IA and currently resides in Sayville, NY. Youngest of three children, brother to Heather and Nick Andersen. Volunteered regularly with LSNF from age 13-24 in New York. LSNF Director of New York Operations upon graduating from Stony Brook University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in in Business Management, Marketing Specialization. In 2023 promoted to Northeast Executive Director. Assumed Chief Operating Officer role after national expansion across the United States and international expansion to Canada.

Why Zack Joined LSNF: “Our foundation aims to establish a mindset of service to others, especially at a young age. I believe I’m an accurate representation of someone who was influenced by LSNF, learned this valuable lesson, and continued to pursue a truly rewarding career path that allows myself and our team to have a positive impact in the world.”

Zack Andersen

COO: "Director of The Nice List"

As Chief Giving Officer, Wil treats everyday like it is the season of giving by positively spreading joy to the lives of kids around the world. He currently oversees collaborative innovation within healthcare facilities, corporations, and youth groups. He works with these groups to develop LSNF community programs across the United States and Canada. Born and raised in Tinton Falls, NJ and currently lives in Tampa, FL. The second of four brothers. While involved with student government at the University of Tampa (UT), Wil planned and executed the third ever LSNF volunteer event outside of the state of New York as a college student in 2018. UT Student Government President from 2019-2020. Graduated from UT in 2020 with a degree in Business Management. Honored at the University of Tampa Alumni Awards as Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2023.

Why Wil Joined LSNF: “Being able to help kids all over the world is an incredible feeling and I am truly blessed to be able to have this experience.”

Fun Fact About Wil: “I have seen over 100 different bands perform live.”

Wil White

CGO: "Head Elf"

Ciara works closely with all communities LSNF serves to have the biggest and best impact as possible. Oversees all marketing and communications objectives of LSNF and LSNF Canada. Builds community relationships between local healthcare facilities, businesses and youth groups in each region of LSNF. This includes planning and executing volunteer initiatives for local groups to give back to kids in local healthcare facilities. Oversees all social media and media inquiries. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently lives in Tampa, FL. Student intern with LSNF at the University of Tampa (UT) from 2022-2023. Graduated from UT in 2023 with a degree in International Business and Marketing.

Why Ciara Joined LSNF: “From a young age, I was certain that I wanted to dedicate my career to making a difference in the lives of others. After recognizing that a healthcare profession wasn’t the right fit for me, I found that LSNF was the ideal organization for my aspirations. Here, I can pursue my passion for marketing while simultaneously creating a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of others.”

Fun Fact About Ciara: “My name is actually not Sierra. It is pronounced Keer-ra.”

Ciara Gallagher

Director of Marketing: "Impact Creator"

Bradley oversees all volunteer initiatives, community events, and operations in the Northeast region of the United States. Born, raised and resides in East Rockaway, NY. Co-Founder of family’s charity “Fore Parkinsons” to honor our grandfather to try to find a cure for this disease. Graduated from The University of Maryland in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management/Business Analytics. Earned a master’s degree in Supply Chain Management at the University of Maryland in 2021.

Why Bradley Joined LSNF: “My Mom has volunteered her time over the last decade in hospitals supporting children with cancer and that has been a great inspiration for me to want to give back to those in need.”

Fun Fact About Bradley: “My parents DID NOT name me after the actor, it’s just a coincidence!”

Bradley Cooper

Northeast Executive Director

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