Little Saint of The Month: March 2022

Meet Ava- She is a four year old girl who is battling Medulloblastoma. This is one of the most common form of brain cancer in children. When we found out...

Little Saints of the Month: January 2022

Meet Teddy and Gloria - A brother and sister who received our gift bag in the hospital. After Gloria received our gift bag and was in the hospital for a few months, she was inspired to give back to other kids in the hospital. She made "Worry Dolls", which are dolls to...

Our Little Saints

Liam Eisele

Liam Eisele

My mom works in a hospital and I heard some kids have to stay there for a long time. I wanted to do something to make them feel better. I made gift bags that will be delivered to the local ER. I was also featured on 10 Tampa Bay News.

Little Saints in the Community

As a part of inspiring kids, our goal is to give kids of all ages an outlet to give back to their local community. Kids have the opportunity to make get well cards, pack emergency department gift bags, deliver gift bags to hospitals, host drives for our gift bags, and grow within our organization to inspire other kids. We want to create young leaders that will grow up to achieve more than imaginable. This platform will allow all of our Little Saints to connect and inspire each other to keep giving back.

Apply here to become a Little Saint in the Community or to nominate someone you know.

Little Saints in the Hospital

As a part of helping kids, our goal is to help as many kids as we can in traumatic hospital situations every day of the year. We want to honor kids of all ages in hospitals and give them an outlet to share their story and to connect with other kids. Apply here to become a Little Saint in Hospitals or to nominate someone you know.

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