"Kids Inspiring and Helping Kids"

Inspire and nurture the human spirit though the magic of kids helping kids in need of a smile.

Our Mission

The Little Saint Nick Foundation (LSNF), a registered 501C3 non-profit organization, has the mission of “kids inspiring and helping kids”. This mission is to not only help kids and families who are in crisis, but to young people to become more community service minded to those in need of a smile.

We center our impact in communities by providing simple, anti-anxiety gift bags that contain items such as a coloring book, crayons, stuffed animal, and a handmade get-well card made by kids, for kids. These gift bags have an everyday impact by providing a positive distraction for patients, improving hospital employee morale, and empowering kids of all ages in communities to become future leaders. With our current resources, we inspire and help over 300 people in communities and hospitals every day of the year.

LSNF was founded by Ray Mohler Jr. at the age of six in 2004. Ray had suffered from a rare childhood hip disorder but was fortunate enough not to have any life-threatening illnesses and fully recovered. He decided to give back to the kids who he had left behind at the hospital to ease the anxiety and feelings of isolation that come with a hospital visit. For the past 18 years, LSNF has helped over two million kids and families in need.

LSNF seeks to expand our impact in the communities we serve by establishing two-way partnerships with hospitals, businesses, and youth groups. Our goal is to serve more kids in hospitals while empowering kids in communities to give back. Every $8 packs an anti-anxiety gift bag for one kid in the hospital. This also provides an outlet for one kid volunteer to pack a gift bag and hand write a get-well card.


Our Founder

The Little Saint Nick Foundation(LSNF) was founded in 2004 by Raymond Mohler, Jr. at age six. Ray suffered from Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (LCPD), a rare childhood hip disorder found mostly in children between the ages of four to six years old that is initiated by the temporary disruption of blood flow to the femur. Feeling fortunate that he did not have a life-threatening nor permanent disease, but rather one that is treatable and fully-recoverable, Ray decided he needed to give back to the kids whom he left behind at the hospital who were not as fortunate as was Ray. Ray’s mission – even at his young age – was to help relieve the fear, anxiety and isolation experienced by children related to the child’s hospital visit and recovery.

Over the past 18 years, Ray has become a well-respected youth philanthropist. He has developed many anxiety relief programs in conjunction with pediatric hospitals and has successfully changed how kids experience their hospital visits.

Ray has developed programs to relieve the fear, anxiety and isolation related to hospitalization. Some of these programs include an emergency department gift bag program, mobile entertainment centers, wish granting, hospital parties, and a Day’s of Giving – all centered upon improving the lives of hospitalized kids.

Going from serving hospitalized kids to speaking in front of school children, Ray has sparked a national movement in the name community service. The stated mission of the LSNF is “Kids Inspiring and Helping Kids.” Under this mission, the LSNF emphasizes providing vital emotional support to kids experiencing the trauma of hospitalization. Guided by Ray’s leadership and its board of directors and advisors, the LSNF has inspired thousands of kids from across the country to take up the mantle of serving the greater good, creating a national youth movement never seen before in America.

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