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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us, please double check that your question is not already answered below.

  • I just made what I thought was a one-time donation but my bank statement shows it is as a “recurring charge”?

    If you made a one-time donation and your bank statement is showing a recurring charge, we assure you that it is indeed a ONE-TIME donation. Sometimes banks and credit card companies recognize the charge as recurring because of the software we use. We assure you that you will not be charged again.


  • I donated in Canada and am wondering when will I get my Tax-Deductible Receipt?

    LSNF will send out all tax-deductible receipts at the end of the year.

  • I have new and unused toys, stuffed animals, or supply drive items. Am I able to donate them?

    Yes! LSNF accepts all new and unused toys but we are specifically looking for stuffed animals, pop-it toys, coloring books, crayons, decks of cards, and anti-anxiety toys. If items are used they cannot be accepted for sterilization purposes. Please email [email protected] for the shipping address.

  • “I donated to someone on the street who said they worked for you, is this a member of your team”

    Yes! LSNF & LSNF Canada have dedicated fundraising teams operating across our various locations that help us spread our mission and the reach of our impact.

  • What is the Little Saint Nick Foundation?

    The Little Saint Nick Foundation (LSNF) is a registered 501C3 non-profit organization that has the mission to create a positive experience for kids in crisis through the compassionate power of a helping hand. We deliver smiles to these kids by connecting them with kids in local communities who are inspired to give back. Through our promise of “Kids Inspiring and Helping Kids” TM, the Little Saint Nick Foundation strives to lift kids up and realize their full potential.

  • What is Little Saint Nick Foundation Canada?

    Little Saint Nick Foundation Canada (LSNF Canada) launched in July of 2023 as an affiliate of the Little Saint Nick Foundation. LSNF Canada has the same mission and vision of the Little Saint Nick Foundation: to inspire kids in local areas to give back to kids in hospitals. LSNF Canada currently is head quartered in Toronto, Ontario and has operations in British Columbia, Ontario, Québec, and Nova Scotia.

  • How Does the Little Saint Nick Foundation inspire and help kids?

    The Little Saint Nick Foundation (LSNF) inspires kids in local communities to give back to those kids in need. We do this by providing simple St. Nick Gift Bags to kids as they enter the hospital that are made by other kids. There is a special connection between kids of all ages that you can’t duplicate and a simple act of kindness amplifies this connection to a deeper meaning of giving.

  • What states does The Little Saint Nick Foundation operate in?

    LSNF has been established in New York since 2004 and in Florida since 2018. In 2023, our mission expanded to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and California. We are continually seeking hospitals and care facilities to partner with in all areas across the globe to spread our impact. We inspire and help over 300 people every day with our current resources. With added support and strategic partnerships, LSNF can inspire and help more kids by scaling the organization across the country. In order to be a sustainable organization, LSNF seeks business and hospital partnerships to scale in local areas that are important to LSNF and its partners. We want to create a local feel in any area we are in by having local people helping other locals in need.

  • What separates LSNF from other charities and non-profit organizations?

    We pride ourselves on kid-to-kid relationships. LSNF was started by Ray Mohler Jr. at age four. Ray grew this organization as a kid thinking about what other children in need would want during a time of crisis. Our programs are all carried out by kid volunteers that directly benefit children in hospitals. There is a special connection between kids of all ages that you can’t duplicate and a simple act of kindness amplifies this connection to a deeper meaning of giving.

  • What benefits do you provide to a business sponsor?

    LSNF offers multiple benefits to our business sponsors such as helping kids in hospitals through our anti-anxiety gift bags and empowering kids in communities to give back. Every $10 packs a gift bag for one kid in the hospital. This also enables one kid to pack a gift bag and handwrite a get-well card. The daily mindset of “kids inspiring and helping kids” leads to a more giving culture in a given community. LSNF has multiple ways to raise funds with businesses to expand our impact including sponsorship donations, online campaigns, in-kind donation drives, and events, all to inspire and help kids locally. As well, we offer marketing collaboration to promote joint events and use the LSNF brand to promote the partnership to customers. This partnership promotion with LSNF will provide a competitive advantage over competitors.

  • What is the process for LSNF to partner with hospitals or businesses?

    LSNF seeks to connect with decision-makers at either hospitals or businesses to discuss a partnership. After an initial discussion of what is important to the hospital/business, LSNF will draft a proposal outlining who we are, what the benefits of working with LSNF are to the partnered organization, and how we can work together. After a proposal is agreed upon and formalized, LSNF will provide a Memorandum of Understanding to clearly outline the terms of the partnership. Then, a step-by-step manual of how the partnership will work will be provided.

  • How does LSNF support its gift bag program?

    LSNF seeks monetary and in-kind donations to fund our St. Nick Gift Bag Program. Every $10 packs a gift bag for one kid in the hospital. This also enables one kid to pack a gift bag and make a handwritten get-well card. We have successfully worked with businesses and youth groups that have hosted drives to collect the necessary items in our gift bags. These items include stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, decks of playing cards, stress balls, and handmade get-well cards made by kids, for kids.

  • Does LSNF seek to partner with other care facilities besides hospitals?

    LSNF seeks to partner with any organization that is serving kids in crisis. We work predominantly with hospitals in their emergency departments. However, we have also worked with pediatric behavioral health and outpatient facilities that have been associated with hospital chains or are independent organizations. Our mission is to help as many kids as we can in need of a smile.

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