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Join our growing list of sponsors that empower their employees to volunteer, donate items, and organize fundraising campaigns that help us grow our impact in their local communities.

Ty Donates 6,000 Beanie Stuffed Animals

Ty, the beloved maker of Beanie Babies, have donated 6,000 beanie stuffed animals which have been included in our gift bags for kids in healthcare facilities. Ty reached out to our organization and offered this generous contribution when they found out that we have been purchasing large amounts of beanie babies to give away to children in need since 2004. Thank you Ty for providing thousands of smiles to children!


We view our sponsorships as a partnership that will allow us to engage with hospitals, schools, and community groups to create youth movements of kids helping kids in your community. Our goal is to inspire and help kids every day of the year in all 50 states and across Canada. Your sponsorship will help us not only bring smiles to kids, but also develop leaders in communities that will lead generations to come.


We have multiple levels of sponsorship engagement from material and financial donations to full partnerships that can extend across multiple communities. Our sponsors enjoy the benefits of knowing that they are providing an invaluable service to children in their local communities. In addition, sponsors may license the use of Little Saint Nick Foundation logo and materials in approved campaigns to raise awareness and exposure. Every partnership is different, but we are always looking for win-win situations that help us extend our impact, one kid at a time.


There are many ways to donate financially including:

● Fundraising and volunteer events
● Company employee giving match fundraising
● Round up at the register campaigns
● Buy one, donate one supply drives
● Media campaigns
● Direct donations

In addition, many of our sponsors also offer products or services that can help with our mission of kids helping and inspiring kids. Let us know what you are thinking. We would love to collaborate with you.

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