Empower Your Pediatric Patients

Healthcare partners include hospitals, urgent cares, non-profits, research institutions, and other organizations dedicated to helping pediatric patients have a better experience.

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“It brought tears to our eyes and meant so much to us as parents and to Dillon, and as a healthcare leader I thought — how can this get to our kids at the hospital?”

Brian Pritchard

South Oaks & Zucker Hillside Hospitals

“When children receive your activity bag their entire temperament changes for the better. They get excited to open the bag and see what’s inside.”

Amanda Filippazzo

Cohen Children’s Medical Center

“Often times, kids are frightened when they walk through our doors & providing them with a St. Nick Bag helps them to instantly relax.”

Leslie A. Dempsey BS, CCLS III

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

“The children truly enjoy having something special during their stay, which helps take their mind off their pain and isolation.”

AnnMarie DiFrancesca MS, CCLS

Mount Sinai South Nassau

“Over the years these bags have become staples for our ED and both our staff and families that we work with continue to be forever grateful.”

Nicole Almeida MS, CCLS

NYU Langone Hospital


Our Healthcare Partners include hospitals, urgent cares, other non-profits, and research institutions. The children’s facilities that we work with enjoy the benefits of our gift bag program while incurring little or no additional costs. The benefit to staff, patients, and their families is immeasurable and often ripples out to the larger community and has a lasting impact. Many of our chapter leaders were at one time patients in a hospital that provided them with Little Saint Nick gifts or a gift bag. Now these leaders are able to assemble gift bags and get-well cards for their peers who are pediatric patients.


Simply reach out to us and we can start the process of partnering with your organization. For hospitals, you can rest assured that this is not something new to us. After working with over 20 hospitals across the United States and Canada, we are familiar with the legislative steps that must be completed to bring a program like this into your facility. Contact us today to get the process started.

For any other healthcare related non-profits, organizations or providers that are curious about partnering with us, we welcome any and all collaborations. Please reach out to us today and let’s talk.

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