Volunteers work year round to help children cope with their pain and fear.

Hospitals We Work With

New York

  • Cohen Children's Medical Center
  • NYU Winthrop Hospital
  • St. Mary's Hospital for Children


  • Morton Plant Mease Countryside Hospital


The Little Saint Nick Foundation will work closely with a children's hospital to coordinate a visit from our founder, a celebrity or another group of volunteers. We understand the sensitivity of many of these sick, injured and impaired children, and we are very careful to treat every situation with the utmost care and respect.

The goal of the visits are to brighten the days of the kids in need, often times with presents, toys, gifts and sometimes with a very special visit from a celebrity or sports star. The situation that many of these children are facing every day would be difficult for even the strongest adult to handle. We have seen time and time again how a simple gift or gesture or smile on their face can really make their lives so much better for that one moment, and that means everything.

Other Hospital Programs

Emergency Room Gift BagsMobile Entertainment SystemsHost a Hospital PartyComputer Systems Program

Emergency Room Gift Bag

Emergency Room Gift Bags

We provide emergency room gift bags for every child that comes through the emergency room. The gift bags contain a coloring book, a beanie baby and a couple of other odds and ends. Emergency rooms can be a very scary place for kids, and these little bags provide a little sliver of joy and play to the experience. To date: Little Saint Nick Foundation has provided thousands of these gift bags to children across the country.

Emergency Room Gift Bag

Host a Hospital Party

We will come into your hospital, school or care facility and put together an event for children in need. Those children who can attend will be greeted with a host of toys, presents, gifts and volunteers to greet them and help them along. Other activities include: dance parties, face painting, games, movies and toys, toys ,toys. Watch this video to get an idea of what these events look like.

Entertainment Systems

Mobile Entertainment Systems

We supply mobile entertainment systems to Pediatriac units and Emergency Rooms. Each system contains a rolling cart with a TV, current gamming system, DVD’s and a set of head phones. This mobile system get wheeled to any child that would like to take their mind off the scary setting of a hospital and do they like most. Play video games and watch movies. Each donation comes with two (2) systems, one to use and one that is being sanitized. This program is one our most requested donations.

Entertainment Systems

Computer Systems Program

We will donate laptop computer systems for each child that is bed ridden. This will enable the child to do homework, communicate with family and friends and aid in the fear, isolation and anxiety retlated to a hospital visit.

Getting Involved

If you would like to contact us to inquire about having one of the Little Saint Nick Programs at your Hospital, please fill out this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

(516) 284-7057
Little Saint Nick Foundation
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