LSNF & 4U Medical Partnership

Brining Smiles To Children In Hospitals Together

Similar to LSNF Founder Raymond Mohler Jr., 4U Medical Founder and CEO Nicholas Nastasi had a traumatic hospital experience as a child. Nicholas received intravenous therapy which was a traumatic experience for him. He thought he was being hooked up to an alien like device which gave a bad conception of his care. Nicholas decided to change the way this intimidating & dismal device had to look by creating Medical Grade IV Bag Stickers with child friendly images. Together, LSNF and 4U Medical are improving the pediatric patient experience in hospitals by providing LSNF Gift Bags with 4U IV bag stickers for kids in need of a smile.

Did this IV bag sticker and Gift Bag improve your child’s hospital stay? Donate today to provide stickers and bags to other hospitalized kids

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