Your Donations Help in Many Ways

Gift Bags Each emergency room gift bag costs us $10 to put together and deliver to a local hospital.
Gift Giveaway Throughout the year we organize gift giveaway events at several hospitals around the country. Each event can cost anywhere from $2000 - $5000 to put together.
Granting Wishes We also grant wishes to kids and their families outside of the hospital. For example we did a $20,000 home extension for a severely handicapped child.

Thank you for your donations. All money goes to help kids in need. Here are some of the programs that we will be funding with your donations.

A Great Way To Help

By sponsoring Emergency Room Bag Kits, you'll give 50 kids the opportunity to help other kids and learn community service. $300 buys 50 gift bags which the children then bring to hospital emergency rooms. Kids Helping Kids.

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