LSNF Los Angeles Donates 1,000 St. Nick Gift Bags To White Memorial Hospital & Shriner’s Childrens’s SoCal

As September finished, LSNF Los Angeles embarked on a monumental event, packing 1,000 St. Nick Gift Bags. The success of this incredible St. Nick Gift Bag Packing Event is due to the collaboration of two outstanding organizations, Saint Vincent Meals on Wheels and Daughters of Charity. Together, their unwavering support and dedication brought a sense of unity and positivity to the entire St. Nick Gift Bag Packing Event.

The LSNF Los Angeles Team had an absolute blast crafting these gift bags alongside these two wonderful organizations. The event itself became a testament to the power of shared purpose and collective goodwill here in Los Angeles.

A grand total of 1,000+ St. Nick Gift Bags were assembled.  The impact of these thoughtful gift bags was deeply felt as they found their way to hospitals here in Los Angeles: White Memorial Hospital and Shriner's Children's SoCal Hospital. 500 St. Nick Gift Bags found their way to White Memorial Hospital, while another 500 brightened the lives of patients at Shriner's Children's SoCal Hospital. The appreciation and gratitude expressed by the dedicated staff at both facilities is evidence of the significance of these acts of kindness in our community.

We are deeply thankful for the opportunity to continue our mission of creating a positive mentality for kids in crisis here in Los Angeles.


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