Optimizely Packs 100 St. Nick Gift Bags For Patients At Cohen’s Childrens Medical Center

In October, LSNF NYC partnered with Optimizely's Manhattan office. Optimizley's employees eagerly gathered to make meaningful get-well cards and assemble St. Nick Gift Bags. In total, Optimizley packed 100 St. Nick Gift Bags that were delivered to Cohen's Children's Medical Center.

LSNF NYC is immensely grateful for the privilege of partnering with Optimizely, and their unwavering support in helping us spread our mission. The generosity and dedication displayed by Optimizely and the local community continue to fuel LSNF's commitment to creating a lasting, positive impact in the lives of children in crisis.

In essence, this heartwarming collaboration is a testament to the profound impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations come together to help children in crisis.

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