St. Pete Young Professionals Pack 100 St. Nick Gift Bags For Mease Countryside Hospital

At the beginning of October, LSNF attended the St. Pete Young Professionals nonprofit fair.  The attendees of the St. Pete Young Professionals nonprofit fair assembled an impressive total of 100 St. Nick Gift Bags. This remarkable event not only showcased the power of collective goodwill but also demonstrated the extraordinary impact that can be achieved when the community unites for a common cause.

The heartwarming spirit of this event was seen in every attendant, as they created heartwarming get-well cards and packed the St. Nick Gift Bags. These St. Nick Gift Bags were all donated to Mease Countryside Hospital.

The generosity and unwavering support of the St. Pete Young Professionals have been amplifying the reach and impact of LSNF's mission. Their commitment to making a positive difference in the vibrant communities of Tampa and St. Petersburg is truly commendable.

LSNF Tampa is thankful for the fantastic assistance we receive in spreading our impact. The outpouring of support from our community and partners like the St. Pete Young Professionals makes all our donations possible!

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