Promise Vancouver Packs 300 St. Nick Gift Bags For Patients In BC Children’s Hospital

In late September, a remarkable celebration marked the official launch of LSNF Vancouver. What set this event apart and made it truly exceptional was the inspiring synergy between LSNF Vancouver and Promise Vancouver, who helped us pack over 300 St. Nick Gift Bags that were donated to BC Children's Hospital.

The Promise Vancouver Team brought an infectious level of pure excitement and enthusiasm to the St. Nick Gift Bag Packing Event. The Promise Vancouver Team had a brilliant time assembling the gift bags and making get-well cards. The children at Promise Vancouver couldn't wait to lend a helping hand when they heard the gift bags were going to sick children, infusing the event with genuine excitement and joy.

The launch of LSNF Vancouver signifies a significant milestone, and we are excited to keep expanding our reach within the Vancouver community!



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