LSNF Tampa Donates 600 St. Nick Gift Bags To The World’s Largest Toy Drive

At the beginning of December, LSNF Tampa made a significant donation of over 600 St. Nick Gift Bags to The World's Largest Toy Drive, benefitting the Trina's Kids Foundation. The heartfelt initiative aimed to bring joy to children during the holiday season.

All 600 St. Nick Gift Bags were crafted by local Tampa kids at Sparkman Wharf, infusing a sense of community and collaboration into the act of giving. The bags, filled with stuffed animals, pop-it toys, coloring books, crayons, and inspiration cards were a testament to the spirit of compassion that thrives within the local community.

A special thank you goes out to The Hampton Chocolate Factory for their invaluable support in hosting this incredible event, ensuring its success and impact. LSNF Tampa expresses immense gratitude for the collaboration that made this initiative possible.

LSNF is thrilled and beyond ecstatic to continue spreading its mission of "Kids Inspiring and Helping Kids." We look forward to making a positive impact and bringing smiles to even more children in the future.

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