The University of Tampa Alumni Association Packs 300 St. Nick Gift Bags

This November, The University of Tampa Alumni Association came together at Harvest Bowl to assemble over 300 St. Nick Gift Bags and craft inspirational cards for children facing crises. This event not only showcased the spirit of giving but also served as a testament to the commitment of UT alumni to make a positive impact on their community.

The attendees gathered to pack the gift bags, each filled with a stuffed animal, a pop-it toy, a coloring book, a pack of crayons, and an inspiration card. The inspiration cards, created with care, added a personal touch to the initiative, conveying messages of hope and support to brighten the recipients' spirits during challenging times.

Harvest Bowl provided the perfect setting for this charitable event, where participants not only engaged in the meaningful task of assembling the gift bags but also shared a meal, fostering a sense of community spirit.

This collaborative effort exemplifies the University of Tampa Alumni Association's dedication to philanthropy and its commitment to giving back. The event was a tremendous success, with attendees expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause.

LSNF Tampa expresses sincere gratitude to the University of Tampa alumni who played an active role in participating. LSNF is profoundly thankful for their contributions and is so excited to continue making an impact in The Tampa Bay area.


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