Raymond James Packs 300 St. Nick Gift Bags

During the month of July, the Raymond James Headquarters in Tampa orchestrated a heartwarming event where their offices came together for a St. Nick Gift Bag Packing Event. This initiative extended beyond Florida, reaching Raymond James offices in Michigan and Tennessee, collectively assembling a total of 300 St. Nick Gift Bags. These thoughtful gifts with their heartwarming get-well cards were destined to bring joy and comfort to pediatric patients across the three states.

The event exhibited the power of connectivity and collaboration, as all the offices used Zoom to create a sense of togetherness and shared purpose, despite the physical distances. This virtual connection magnified the impact of their collective efforts.

In Tampa, the St. Nick Gift Bags were generously donated to Mease Countryside Hospital. This act of kindness not only brightened the spirits of the young patients and staff but also exemplified the commitment that Raymond James is making to make a positive difference in the community.

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